Talks about JavaScript

I talk at conferences, mostly technical ones. Here's a list of the most significant talks I gave lastly.

  1. RxJS in TweetDeck

    JS Roundabout #7 2018

    What are observable in JavaScript and how we use them at TweetDeck?

    This talk was co-presented with my teammate Amy Simmons.

  2. Crash course in compile-to-the-web

    MLOC.js 2015

    It’s 2015. The web is omnipresent and omnipotent, and yet some vendors continue to ship proprietary formats and software.

    But vendor lock-in doesn’t have to be a fatality. Many techniques are available to run almost anything on our beloved browser: playing video games and Flash files, reading PDF and even watching DVD!

    In this talk, you’ll be introduced to existing compilation strategies so you can get started writing your own compiler today! Proprietary format? Compile it!

    The video for Crash course in compile-to-the-web is available.

    The slides for Crash course in compile-to-the-web are available.

  3. Je viens du futur et voici comment on code en JavaScript (in French)

    JavaScript Open Day 2015

    The slides for Je viens du futur et voici comment on code en JavaScript are available.

  4. Playing DVD in JavaScript for the sake of interoperability

    JSConf US 2014

    We have everything we need to read DVD-video discs in a browser, so why don’t we start?

    For that purpose, I ported libdvdread and libdvdnav libraries to JavaScript so that we can parse the DVD-video info files and emulate a virtual machine.

    But this comes with technical challenges such as browsers being bad at manipulating huge files or not supporting the codecs used in DVD (MPEG-2, AC-3…). That’s why this port comes with a server in Node.js to circumvent these limitations.

    The resulting project is a mix of websockets, video elements, media source extensions and a lot of open source love.

    The slides for Playing DVD in JavaScript for the sake of interoperability are available.

  5. 60 FPS Retro Gaming on Mobile

    Reject.JS 2013

    Born as an interpreter, jsSMS is now a hybrid emulator for Sega Master System and Game Gear. It makes use of static and dynamic recompilation, and falls back to a classical interpreter if required.

    From parsing to JavaScript generation using an optimised AST, I present the different steps that makes an emulator fast.

    The ultimate goal is to provide full speed for retro gaming on mobile browser and web app!

    The slides for 60 FPS Retro Gaming on Mobile are available.