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Mozilla IOT Meetup London October 2016

Mozilla IOT Meetup London October 2016
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On Wednesday 12, October (2 days ago) the first Mozilla IOT London meetup took place at the Mozilla Common Space near London Bridge.

A bit of history

The meetup was rebranded from the previous Firefox OS meetup group. A lot happened at Mozilla this year. The Firefox OS project was turned into a community project and the Connected Devices team was created.

Now that things got more stable we decided it was a good time to resume a series of meetups.

This was the first session so we’re still learning and experimenting, but we’re planning on doing monthly or bimonthly meetups. This first session was not recorded, but the plan is to record or stream the next ones.

The first session

Meetups are and should always be about meeting people so we want to emphasise the social aspect of it and making a place where ideas are shared and discussions happen naturally.

Francisco speaking about the creation of the Connected Devices team.

For this first session, we had a nice lineup of speakers:

In addition to the amazing speakers above I wanted to thank Mandy for the coordination, Dietrich and the devrel team for sponsoring the meetup and all the attendees.

What’s next?

We’re super happy to receive feedback from the participants. If you happen to be in London during one our of next sessions, make sure you’re attending and let us know what would you like this meetup to be?

The talented Becky Jones delivering an inspiring talk.

See you soon!