Web apps and video games

I am the creator and maintainer of some web apps and video games that you can install and play today!

  • Kim Magikal ⭐ at Saraland ⭐

    A cute retro platform game

    Play it for free!

    You can play Kim Magikal ⭐ at Saraland ⭐ online.

  • Alec

    Emulator for Sega Master System & Game Gear

    It comes with some homebrew games builtin.

    You can play Alec - Emulator for Sega online.

  • Maniac Mansion Mobile

    The famous point'n click game optimised for mobile

    "Warning!! Trespassers will be horribly mutilated."

    You can play Maniac Mansion Mobile online.

    Please note that I'm not the creator of the original game.